IPVAEB Performance Grades Assessment is a performance only examination without Aural, Sight-Reading and Scales.

Examination registration is open to all on the first 2 weeks of the month.

This Performance Grades Assessment is available monthly throughout 2021

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The AGME BMus is a fully accredited Australian Degree that can be studied from anywhere in the world. It receives accreditation through the Australian Tertiary Standards Regulator, TEQSA, regardless of the location of the student.

IPVAEB Performance Grades Assessment

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Inspire your students, deliver with confidence

with six exciting genres from APDA

Our passion is to encourage and inspire students

and teachers in the dance sector

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Integrated Drawing /  Sketching / Comic Strip

Acrylic Painting / Water Color Painting / Oil Painting

International Performing & Visual Arts

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World-Class, Holistic, and Affordable

The alternative to evaluating the progress of your music,

dance & visual arts learning journey......