General Information    


  • Candidates must report to the certification center at least fifteen (15) minutes before their scheduled time.

  • Warm-up rooms are not provided.

  • Photo ID may be requested for verification before allowed entering the certification room.

  • Candidates should list all repertoire and studies/études to be performed on the registration form and bring it to the certification center.

  • Candidates should bring all music to be performed to the center, whether or not selections are memorized.  Photocopied music is not permitted in the examination.

  • No recording devices are allowed in the certification room.

  • Mobile phone is not allowed in the certification room. 



Smart casual or school uniform are recommended. Collarless Tee Shirt and Slippers are not permitted


Credits and Refund

Credits and refunds are only granted under three specific conditions.  Candidates who are unable to attend the certification for medical reasons (with medical proof) or compassionate reasons or direct conflict with school examination, are eligible to request either a full credit toward the next registration (valid for one year) or a 50 percent refund of the certification fee.


Request for credits or refunds must be made in writing to IPVAEB and accompanied with official proof within 14 days from the date of scheduled certification.


Special Needs

Candidates with special needs should indicate in their registration form or online registration or at the time of submission. 



Certificates are awarded to candidates who successfully completed and passed the requirements for their level. Candidates who passed all technical skills (Sight-Reading, Scales, Aural and Étude components) with merit will receive additional Certificate of Excellence in recognition of their achievement.




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