Music Theory Syllabus    

Music theory is the understanding of written music.  The study of theory allows students to identify and explore elements that already form the basis of their musical experience. It also helps to build aural awareness and develop analytical thinking.  It can provide students with confidence in their abilities, and give them the skills they need to progress in their musical studies for years to come.  Learning music theory will help your child become a well-rounded musician, and make it possible for them to progress further in their musical education.


IPVAEB Music Theory Syllabus is divided into 3 parts in a progressive pathway:


  • Elementary Level – Basic Elements of Music This is identical to the ABRSM Grade Three;

  • Intermediate Level – Advanced Elements of Music Equivalent to ABRSM Grade Five;

  • Advanced level – Application of Music Elements in harmony and songwriting. Overview of the History of Music (from the seventeenth century to the twentieth century)This is equivalent to ABRSM Grade Eight.


Though there is no pre-requisite for music theory for Level One to Eight performance certification, students are encouraged to study music theory that may help developing confidence in their performance.  It is also helpful to students who may wish to study Music Elective Programme or Music ‘O’ Level in the later year.



Download Music Theory Syllabus HERE